Officina Pronto Intervento

Officina Pronto Intervento

La tua bici ha un Problemino? Portala da noi, Officina Pronto Interven…

La Via delle Acque in Valnerina

La Via delle Acque in Valnerina

Ti proponiamo una fantastica pedalata in Mountain Bike lungo l’asse del fi…

Bike Tour delle Cascate

Bike Tour delle Cascate

Gradevole escursione guidata in mountain bike nel Parco Fluviale del Nera, su un…

E-Bike la nuova frontiera della MTB

E-Bike la nuova frontiera della MTB

Con l´avvento delle nuove e-bike il ciclismo fuoristrada è diventat…

arrone 1Live the Valnerina with us because experience is life! GB

The bike trail that goes through the Valnerina is just for everyone. Discover the Valnerina Valley by bike with our MTBike guides and instructors! They will suggested you the most appropriate tours according to your needs and skills. Our guides offer all kinds of tours....link





Rent Bike

  • 1 Hour € 7,00
  • ½ Day € 18,00
  • 1 Day € 25,00
  • Week End € 36,00
  • 1 Week € 126,00


10% - Special price for group min. 5 people


Mtbike tour (adult) La Greenway del Nera - Francesco's Ways Lungof

DURATION ½ giornata ( 9.00/12-30 - 14,30/18,00 )


MEETING POINT Excursions Centre


RENT BIKE for excursions €  9,00     including Helmet


Family Bike Day: all tougether on a bike trip along the Nera river and then apic-nicin the Park of the Excursions Centrerelaz

DURATON ½ giornata ( 9.00/12-30 - 14,30/18,00 )


MEETING POINT Excursions Centre

PRICE EXCURSIONS adult € 31,00 children € 20,00   including Pic-nic

RENT BIKE adult € 9,00  children € 5,00   including Helmet


Special Tour Vecchia Ferrovia Spoleto Norciaponte 1

DURATON ½ giornata ( 9.00/12-30 - 14,30/18,00 )

DIFFYCULTY easy - diffycult

MEETING POINT Excursions Centre

PRICE EXCURSIONS adult € 28,00 

RENT BIKE adult € 9,00 including Helmet

EASY “Vecchia Ferrovia Spoleto Norcia” - Tour in the Valley

DIFFICULT “Vecchia Ferrovia Spoleto Norcia” – Tour in Mountain. The most important, a spectacular tour not to lose for the great historical importance. The mythical and dark helical galleries of remarkable architectonic importance are crossed.


We also organize:

  • Multiday Tour.
  • Freeride and DH LESSONS include transport bikers ( approach, basic, advansed ) max 4 hours. Private lesson € 40,00 + € 20,00 per person for trasport, with min 4 people.
  • Only transport bikers ( Freeride – DH ) € 20,00  per person with min 4 people.
  • Other Mtbike tours: Francesco's Way, The way of the wather, the way of the Monasteries and many other....


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